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Dog Bite Lawyer in Kalamazoo, Michigan


Millions of people are bitten by dogs every year due to the dog owners’ lack of responsibility. Dogs may bite out of fear, dominance, or some other reason, but deciding why the dog bites is not nearly as important as determining what should be done about the bite. While some bites are minor, many of them cause painful injuries, scars, and even – in cases involving unvaccinated dogs – illnesses such as rabies.

Your first step of action, of course, is to seek medical attention, but your next step should be to consult with a skilled lawyer from Steeg & Glista PC.

What We Can Do

Our concerned lawyers will first evaluate your case and determine whether legal action will be fruitful. We will then negotiate on your behalf with the owner of the dog or the owner’s insurance company. If negotiations fail to reach a successful settlement, our firm will proceed to file and pursue a lawsuit on your behalf. Our attorneys will offer you full support during this trying time and help you understand the compensation to which you are entitled. As a dog bite victim, you may be entitled to compensation for necessary medical treatments, the income you lost due to time off work for injury treatment, and the physical and emotional suffering you experienced.

Your Rights Under Michigan Law

The Michigan Dog Bite Statute imposes absolute liability on the dog’s owner except when the dog has been provoked.​

Contact Steeg & Glista PC if you are suffering from a dog bite injury. We will act swiftly to help you recover from the damages caused by this unexpected event.