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Child Injury Attorney in Kalamazoo, Michigan


Your child is innocent, precious, and fragile. If he or she has sustained a serious injury due to the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to money damages or other benefits.

Potential Causes of Child Injury

Because children lack knowledge and world experience, they are naturally more susceptible to accidents of all kinds. Many things can injure them, from defective or poorly designed toys to dangerous property spaces. Just as children are more likely to be injured than adults are, the injuries of a child may be more severe and impactful.

When Your Child Suffers

The effects of injury on children are more devastating because children are still physically and mentally developing, and they have not yet had experience learning to cope with trauma. We understand that seeing your child suffer or pass away may be the most painful experience you, as a parent or family member, may ever have to endure. That’s why we want to hold the responsible party accountable for the damage they have done.

Experience in Obtaining Justice for Children and Parents

Our compassionate team has experience dealing with child injuries from birth-related incidents to car seat injuries. Whether from the negligence of a caregiver or a healthcare provider, we will seek justice on your behalf and make sure that you feel sufficiently compensated for the expenses associated with the injury or death.

Your Rights Under Michigan Law

The law provides special treatment when a minor is injured on the property of another. Laws such as the “attractive nuisance doctrine” may impose liability upon a landowner when a child is injured even if the same would not be true with an adult.​

If your child is suffering due to a serious injury from the neglect of another person, contact us to help you file a claim. Keep in mind that these cases have a statute of limitations, so contact us immediately to ensure that you don’t forfeit your rights to money damages and other benefits.