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Slip-and-Fall Injury Lawyer in Kalamazoo, Michigan


Thousands of people are injured annually from tripping, slipping, or falling on icy, uneven, rough patches of ground, usually in stores, homes, malls, hotels, restaurants, and other public places. When the property owner was aware of the situation before the incident, they may be held accountable for your injury.

When the Injury Is the Fault of the Property Owner

There are times when the injured person may be responsible for the incident. These are cases in which the victim ignored warning signs or acted carelessly. Factors determining the responsibility of the incident are

  • How long the condition was dangerous

  • Whether the owner had sufficient time to become aware and fix the situation

  • If the owner tried sufficiently to fix it or not

Helping You Get What You Deserve

The responsible party will pay the amount of the damages, including the cost of your medical bills, the amount of income you lost missing work, and compensation

for pain and suffering. You need an experienced attorney to help you obtain the correct amount, especially for pain and suffering. Since there is no set amount for trauma, our legal experts will negotiate this with the responsible party.

When a fair settlement cannot be agreed upon, our dedicated lawyers will proceed with a lawsuit and do everything possible to ensure that you win the case. A general rule of thumb is that the greater the injury and impact on your life, the greater the compensation and likelihood of your success in the lawsuit. 

Your Rights Under Michigan Law

Under certain circumstances, an owner or possessor of property can be liable for injuries sustained by members of the public from falls on their property. The law still requires fault before responsibility attaches. However, this law is changing rapidly. If you have already been advised that you have no case, call us to see whether we think you do before giving up.​

After a slip-and-fall injury, contact the expert legal advisors at Steeg & Glista PC to help you reach a fair settlement as quickly as possible.