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Truck Accidents in Kalamazoo, Michigan


Did you know that one in eight auto accident fatalities involves a large commercial truck such as a big rig or tractor-trailer? These accidents are both traumatizing and life threatening, as trucks carry several times the momentum of an average car.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a truck accident, Steeg & Glista PC specializes in 18-wheeler and commercial truck accidents. Our compassionate attorneys are here to help you regain control and prevent you from spiraling into a financial and emotional crisis.

Don’t Wait

From the very first moments after a truck accident, the truck company involved has already put its insurance company to work on the case to reduce its risk of exposure and prevent a blemish on its company name. These companies may insist on questioning your side of the story many times over to look for inconsistencies, may offer you money, or may even ask permission to fix something nearby to tamper with evidence.

In these situations, you need an acclaimed, aggressive truck accident lawyer from Steeg & Glista PC to help and represent you immediately after your accident.

You Deserve Compensation

Truck-related accidents are not like any other car accident. They are much more severe and can end in wrongful death. Unlike car accidents, there are many places our talented lawyers will look for resources to discover if the driver was responsible, such as driver logs.

When your truck-related accident was the fault of the truck driver, there’s no reason for you to pay damages out of your own pocket. You will most likely require immediate attention for your health and your vehicle, which are both the responsibility of the truck driver’s insurance company. Many other law firms lack expertise, but our capable lawyers will conduct a meticulous investigation and do everything possible to obtain the settlement amount you deserve.

Your Rights Under Michigan Law

If you are injured in a truck, automobile, or other motor vehicle accident and the other driver is at fault, you have rights under Michigan law to make a claim (and recover damages) for economic and noneconomic losses. Steeg & Glista PC has had cases with recoveries of over $1 million.

Choose Steeg & Glista PC to help you proceed in this difficult time. Our attentive lawyers will help you understand your rights and give you professional advice going forward.